About Thomas Tai

Thomas Tai is a Canadian painter of Chinese origin. He is self-taught, having learned the rudiments of painting techniques by studying the works of Leonardo da Vinci. Today, he lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his wife and son. Thomas was awarded the title of Associate Signature Status (AFCA) by the Board of Governors of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Thomas' favorite medium is oil on canvas with the main focus of his work colors, tonal values, and design. His paintings are described as 'impressionism-realism' as they are rich in color with varied, individualized brush strokes. To achieve this effect, he uses the wet-on-wet and traditional oil painting techniques. Combining this painting method with the use of brushes and painting knives allows Thomas to fill his painting with exquisite colors and details.

To Thomas, subject matter alone does not make a painting, despite his emotional response to his subject. He believes nature offers an infinite variety of subjects to challenge any artist and the viewers should see beyond what is shown on the canvas. Many of his works carry a luminescent blur, where light brings forth brilliant colors. Thomas creates an 'atmosphere' to genuinely present his subject when he paints, always aiming to duplicate the beauty of nature and bring people to feel more via the title.



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